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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Fluence of Shred, Mar 20, 2020.

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    Mar 20, 2020
    WUZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Lol bringin it back!

    I was a member here many years ago [forgot my username and no longer have my old email account for recovery], and after moving back to the states I finally got back into my guitar gear and writing/recording again!

    I will admit I am rusty as hell, and I was playing my guitar when I had a question about action adjustment on my RG 7620 and the first search results from google brought me to good old SSO!

    I am mainly a 7 string player, but I have 2 8 strings that I love (M80M + 2228), and I have a few 6 strings as well. My main 7 string are Ibanez (7620 + UV777BK) and EBMM (Majesty + XI).

    I am on the fence about my next guitar, IF i go ahead with the purchase. I really am interested in the Boden Strandberg Metal Longfield 7 or 8 or the Tosin Abasi 8 string. The fluence pickups are without a doubt the most incredible thing I’ve seen from guitar R&D...I thought they were hype until I was able to try them, and its just incredible what you get out of them, its like at least 6 different sound profiles from one set!

    So I am on the fence between the two brands and guitars - Strandberg is proven and stands the test of time, but the Abasi guitars are new and untested. I have all the 6 and 7 strings I want/ed, and the only thing left for me to really embrace is the 8 strings I have, but I also think the Fan fret would be the answer to my problem (I love my M80M for rhythm but leads arent the best, so 25.5”-29.4” isnt available, but the Tosin and Strandberg come close)

    Ive never played a Fan fret, but everyone Ive talked to said its so easy and ergonomic, especially the strandberg’s neck profile. So I’m really leaning hard for a Longfield 8 string, but if the Tosin gets enough love and interest , or recommendations from others, I would possibly get that

    Thanks for readin and hello again
    Hope y’all are stayin healthy and as happy as possible
    Later and take care
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    Southern Maine
    Welcome back! :yesway:

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