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Aug 27, 2011
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Definitely not this forums forte, but since this is one of the better online music forums I thought I'd see if there was any interest in the topic on here. Wasn't even sure if this should go in the gear sub or the production sub so if mods wanna move it (or delete because this isn't relating to guitars or metal) that's cool to.

So, lately I've taken an interest in doing some DAW-less electronic jams/DJ sessions and live streaming them along with my friend who does video synthesis/visuals (analog & digital). I've really been enjoying Berlin style techno, as well as ambient, industrial techno, and power noise.
Since I'm just dipping my toes in at this point I don't have much gear to work with, but I've gotten some decent results with what I have. Right now I'm using a Korg volca sample to build my rhythms & main drum machine. That's running into my tascam 464 porta studio, which is also doing playback of a 4 track loop tape that I made. I clipped a length of type 2 tape, spliced back together to form a loop, put in it's own cassette housing, then I recorded 4 chords with a synth (Korg R3) with 1 chord per track. This allows me to bring in chords either individually or layered on top of each other via the faders, and then further manipulate each track by using the (surprisingly expressive) EQ on the mixer section of the porta studio. Of course right now I'm using the synth as my audio source for the sake of convenience but I could could use anything from a guitar, separate drum machine, sampler, etc.. the porta studio also has a loop to add in 2 separate effects units (reverb, delay, phaser, etc. that can be added onto each track) which I haven't even gotten to experiment with yet.

Right now I'm currently looking to replace the Korg volca sampler with something that lends itself a little more to live performance. Really the work flow of the volca synth is a little clunky and the knobs to tweak parameters are T I N Y and not the most responsive. So, I was hoping if anyone else is interested in this kind of stuff (DAW-less electronic music production of any genre) they'd be down to talk about gear and maybe share some tips to a noob.