Guitarist seeking musicians in LA for Tech/Death Metal project.

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    My name is Chris and I moved here earlier this year from Ohio for work. I'm 31, married, have a full time job and a dependable vehicle. I'm in the South Bay of El Segundo near LAX. Looking for musicians to collaborate with. I have music upon request. I'm also a vocalist and have material to provide on that front as well. I have a recording setup, live gear, etc. Just looking for some dependable people to jam with with no grand aspirations other than writing sick music and maybe playing some local shows every now and then!

    I also have music from previous and current projects I am/have been apart of that I'd be happy to provide. Currently in two online projects with old bandmates from back home. Really just trying to create and enjoy writing pissed off soundscapes with some good musicians and have as much fun as possible!
    The stuff I'm currently writing is on 6's and 7 strings. Drop A, Drop C, Double octave Drop G.

    Reach out if you're interested!


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