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    Hey y’all

    I recently acquired a Taylor 517e Builder’s Edition guitar, but unfortunately, I just am not getting on with it. It has a really chunky neck in my opinion, and that coupled with its 25.5” scale length, I’m having trouble with playing up the neck some. It’s just not a comfortable experience for me. This is unfortunate; the guitar sounds nice but it is also a little boomy for me.

    I was considering an 811 but saw in a YouTube video that maybe playing or strumming it too hard will make it choke out because it has a smaller body, so idk.

    I was wondering if anyone had some fine suggestions. I get along with guilds whenever I’ve played them but don’t know where to start with them.

    I was hoping to try something with Rosewood back and sides, not absolutely necessary. Manageable neck profile, most importantly. Something between a dreadnaught and a parlor size, perhaps. Brand doesn’t matter to me. I’m looking in the $2000-$3000 range. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    That budget should get you something really nice.

    I would just try as many guitars as possible and go from there.
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