Greetings from NC

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Sep 20, 2022
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Hello everyone!

I am a multi-instrumentalist, primarily focused on guitar, originally from all around coastal Southern California(LA to San Diego), now based in the NC triad. I've played in/for a handful of local bands over the years, mostly bands playing heavy genres (tech-death, prog metal, post metal). My real passion with music lies within writing, and I have spent the past 10 years or so writing and composing by myself off and on quite a bit. I used to release a lot of what I wrote, when I first started composing and recording at home as a teenager, then sort of stopped and didnt pick back up on it until fairly recently in life, the past few years.

I'm a huge fan of groove, unpredictability, extended technique, wall of sound, use of texture/timbre, and most anything experimental or that pushes the envelope of modern music.

I had an account on this forum once long ago and used to share my music with it. I hope you all or even any of you enjoy what I have to share. I look forward to hearing your feedback and can't wait to delve back into the world of production techniques and other music discussion going on, on these forums.

Here is a link to my bandcamp:
as well as YouTube for free unlimited streaming:

P.S. any NC triad or even greater NC metalheads out there? I moved from SoCal in 2018 and the apparent lack of any scene of heavy music going on out here has been highly disappointing. Metalcore/hardcore scene was in full bloom as I understand it, out here, in the late 90s/early 2000s

ChrispyFinch Regular
Oct 5, 2012
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NC here too, yeah the scene is dead imo. Just a bunch of 25+ year olds going to shows when the odd band passes through a "major" city.
You'll want to check out Greensboro (there used to be a big scene there) shows, Charlotte, Asheville, and Raleigh. Thats pretty much the only places our kinds of bands pass through. BTBAM is from Gboro, so when they were in the hayday, the scene was pretty popular, 2000s, like you said.
I havent found any local forums (in person or online) /reddit where carolinian metal heads can gather without getting into fist fights.
We almost lost a venue last month due to a shooting, and some issue with liquer license. SMH.
no idea on the underground.

I dig your music, ill pass it around my camp.

hilljack13 Regular
Feb 24, 2016
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Welcome. Family is from small area near Charlotte. Hope you get a decent hook-up.