Gibson Explorer ‘17 (QC rant)

Wiltonauer Regular
Aug 6, 2022
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I have a 2017 Explorer T I bought new from an authorized dealer. The pickguard doesn’t sit completely flat in one spot. The soldering is serviceable but not something I’d brag about. There is a small touchup to the lacquer on the back of the neck joint. (No way of knowing whether that happened at the factory or the store.) Damn it plays and sounds great, though. The 496T isn’t quite as hot as the 500T, which sometimes sounds thin and brittle in my old V. No thin and brittle here. It’s thick and rich and sounds great for the ‘80s/‘90s thrash I play. Yes, I play blooze on the neck pickup.

I got a good deal on it. If I were in the market for an Explorer-shaped guitar now, I don’t know what I’d do. I guess the price on the Antique Natural isn’t too bad, but I’m not in a ZZ Top tribute band, and I wouldn’t want Burstbuckers in my only Explorer. I wouldn’t want to get the ‘70s Classic White and look like a Hetfield fanboy. I’d probably look for a good used Gibson with suitable specs and a color I could live with. I’ve played a lot of E-type guitars and just not taken to them, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked. Maybe a Schecky or an LTD. I just hate the lines on the LTD EX series, though. A Snakebyte, I could live with. (Wait… did I just say something about not wanting to look like a Het fanboy? Fuck.)