Fyrdsman - Man of Our Times (Genesis cover)

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    So I have this black metal solo project called Fyrdsman ( https://www.facebook.com/Fyrdsman/ ) which is broadly along Borknagar / Enslaved / Emperor sorta lines rather than anything strictly 'pure'. One EP and one full-length out.

    Over the Covid lockdowns I've been keeping myself sane partly by recording the odd cover version, with the intention of covering any style of song and in whatever style is consistent with it, whether or not strictly metal. It was also an excuse to improve my home recording and production skills, with my humble home setup and limited production knowledge.

    Here's my cover of Genesis' Man of Our Times from their 1980 album Duke. I thought I'd avoid shoehorning this into a black metal song so it's a slight departure from my usual style. Hope you enjoy:

    Here's a Soundcloud link as well, if you prefer that:


    If you care for any of my original material, I'm not *too* far off arranging studio time to get at least some of the parts done real nice.

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