FS /FT MI Audio Megalith Delta pedal

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    I am selling/trading this because I have found my dream sound through other pedals. That does not mean this isn't an absolute beast of a pedal. This pedal was babied and is in immaculate condition. I'd rather keep it inside the EU, just because of the shipping costs and customs for outside of the EU. I'd rather sell, but if you can deliver me a nice pedal in the same price range I might consider. Already golden on delay and reverb, offer me other things!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:

    An immaculate pedal, no damage, not a scratch, all original.

    Modifications (if any):


    Accessories (hardshell case etc):


    Location (City,State or City,Country):

    Utrecht, the Netherlands

    International OK? :

    Sure, as long as buyer pays shipping.

    Contact Info (No Phone #s)

    Send me a message on here.

    References (eBay or other forum userid):

    Done plenty of deals here before, used to have a filled up iTrader. If you don't trust it, don't buy it.

    Price (include currency and if firm/obo):




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