FS/FT ENGL Invader 150 w/ Z15 Midi FB

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    2B715B31-E018-48C2-9341-847C5093AFF0.jpeg Brief and accurate description of gear : Engl E640 Invader 150 guitar amp head . 03D3B540-15F7-4B34-A443-D8A608D2B15B.jpeg
    Modifications (if any ) Yes , Mercury Magnetics Output and Power transformers.
    Accessories: Z15 Midi Floorboard
    Location: NYC NY
    Contact Information: teafor7@gmail.com
    References: Reverb.com , Facebook , Ebay etc.
    Price.. obo 2000.00 w/ Z 15 .....1700.00 w/o z15 Buyer pays shipping....
    Trades..I might be interested in a EBMM JP XI , 12 7 string or a JP 7 . Let’s talk .
    I’ve owned this head for several years which was upgraded with new transformers installed by an authorized Engl repair/ maintenance center on Long Island. The amp is in excellent working condition with a few minor tolex nics but nothing extreme. Any questions would be very welcome. I’m parting with my amp to fund new gear , plus I’m now a Revv artist so this needs to go . Thank you for viewing my ad .
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