Free debut album! (Prog! Not that "metal", not that retro)

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    So I finally got around to making a Soundcloud profile so I could share the instrumental mixes of my debut album.

    There's 9 songs in total, all original, every instrument is played by me. Drums are programmed. It's prog, but not prog-metal and not retro-prog either. There's lots of organs and some heavy riffs, but I have purposely gone for a warm, dynamic sound without being overtly retro. There is lots of 70s and 80s influences, from Alice Cooper to Al Di Meola but without intentionally copying them.

    I used my Les Paul with BKP Crawlers for most of the lead, clean and rhythm sounds, as well as an Ibanez with Mules for the 7 string riffs, a few of the leads, and obviously the 7 string cleans. My Antonio Lorca nylon string was also frequently used. The bass is a Yamaha 5 string, keyboards are mostly a Korg M1. Everything is recoded through a POD HD300.

    Most of these songs were written and revised over a period from 2009-2011, recorded in 2012-2013. (I don't work very fast...) I have written lyrics for a few of the songs, and the original intention was to write lyrics for all of them, but that hasn't happened yet. Part of me wants to move on and just leave them the way they are, but I'm not entirely sure. The songs are more indicative of how I used to write, rather than how I write now, so it feels weird trying to write lyrics for them now. But I'd like to share them, rather than have them sit in my computer unheard. And I am reasonably proud of the results. Let me know what you think.


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