[ Florida / Ohio ] Metalcore / Deathcore Band Looking for Guitarist / Bassist / Drummer to Join our

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    May 25, 2017
    Hey, it’s Cool Ranch Doritos here. Me and my friend Nacho Cheese Doritos are looking for members to join our metalcore/deathcore band called When it Burns. We’ve been writing material for over a year now (since May of 2016, here's a link down below to a demo we put out on our YouTube channel, Keep in mind this is just a demo, we just wanted to put something out there so people could get some sort of basic idea of what we’re doing, not that we’re not proud of what we made, it’s just not a “top quality expertly produced” song.) fully over the internet. We are influenced by bands such as Chelsea Grin, Thy Art is Murder, Oceans Ate Alaska, Bring me the Horizon, and Motionless in White. And of course we like loads more bands as well. We currently have a vocalist, and a guitarist/keyboardist. We are looking for a bassist, a drummer, and preferably another guitarist. We have plans to release an EP, or a few songs once we find a few members. Our songs are recorded on a 7-string Jackson in drop G, and as of now the drums are all done through MIDI. If you’re interested in our band and are considering wanting to try and join, you can message us on our Twitters (http://twitter.com/homesick2009 & http://twitter.com/DevinCoss), our bands email (whenitburnsofficial@gmail.com), or on here, we’ll get it regardless, thanks for stopping by.

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