First full rock production (Nirvana cover) and introducing my home studio project Waytansea

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    Nov 2, 2012
    Hey everyone,
    after a long hiatus (haven't been producing anything since spring 2017!) here's a new full cover of mine and since I've been mostly covering acoustic ballads before, this is specifically my first full rock-oriented mix (with distorted guitars, programmed drums and all).

    Contextually, I'm introducing my DIY home studio project Waytansea.
    It's just a duo, me and my friend, exchanging ideas here and there. While recording, I'll mostly take care of vocals, drumming / drum programming, and production while leaving the axeman work to him. This being said, we're writing originals mostly 50-50 in contribution.
    We loosely fall along the lines of alternative rock, with several influences spanning in between pop and metal, or just anything we happen to enjoy since I've grown tired of labels. We'll be releasing both originals and covers of iconic influences (this right here is the first). If you want to follow a totally DIY project, drop a like! FB link in above tag, but we're on all major socials.

    Entirely recorded, mixed and mastered by me at home in Reaper. Video shot and graphics made by me as well.
    All bass and guitar tones have been set up via Pod HD, and anything live-recorded has been tracked through it as well. I shared my tones in a video description link, for anyone interested.

    Any constructive criticism on the mix is appreciated, also since it's my first as said above! Cheers.

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