First Build - BM Style 26.5" 7 String (with pics)

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    Hi Guys,

    I have decided to start a build thread for a project I have been working on this past year, this is my first so thought id share it to get advice/feedback.

    Note: The best templates I could get my hands on in 26.5" scale are from a Blackmachine B7 set. This Guitar is for my personal use only and I have tried to make as many changes as possible to move it away from the B7, however seeing is as its my first build, I wanted to work from the most accurate templates I could find!

    Completed specs will be:

    Body: 2 piece swamp Ash
    Scale: 26.5"
    Neck: 3 Piece Rock Maple w Flamed Maple centre splice w Scalf Joint
    Fret Board: Ebony 24 Fret + Matching Ebony Headstock veneer
    Fret Board Radius: 20"
    Frets: Dunlop 6100 Jumbo
    Truss Rod: Stew Mac 2 way Adjusting.

    Bridge: Hipshot .125 7 String
    Tuners: Hipshot Open Gear Locking
    BKP pots 550k
    Switch: Switchcraft 3 way toggle.
    Switch Craft Flush mount Jack
    Strap Licks - Dunlop Flush Mounts
    Resessed Neck Bolts
    Pickups: either Bareknuckle: Blackhawks, Aftermaths or Juggernaughts matched pair (Yet to decide which set) w Covers and black bolts

    Finish: Nitrocellulose Capri Orange w Nitro Semi Matt Clear Coat.
    Natural Oiled Neck

    The neck is joined and is ready for sanding in the radius, fretting and carving. More pics soon!


    View attachment rsz_img_5543.jpg


    View attachment rsz_img_5543.jpg


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