Fender Standard Stratocaster HSH Olympic White 2016 *Rosewood*

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    What you guys are viewing here is an IMPECCABLE! Stratocaster.

    First of all this guitar has been loved and cared for for the two years I have owned it. I am the original owner of this guitar and the guitar has not been gigged or been in a smoking environment.

    The guitar is in a beautiful olympic white finish with a gloss black pickguard. This guitar sports a HSH config with 2 fender blacktop humbuckers and 1 middle standard single coil pickup. This guitar has not been modded. Everything on this guitar is stock!

    The neck is a comfortable C shape and the fretboard radius is a straight 9.5". The scale length is 25.5".

    The rosewood is very nice! It has a good amount of character to it and in the pictures, the board is portrayed brighter than it really is. In person this rosewood board is a lot darker than what you see in the images.

    The guitar has recently had its frets polished, the board has been oiled, and has been cleaned and polished. Also, new strings have been put on here! The guitar is setup in E standard with Ernie Ball 9-42's

    All of the electronics work properly and the guitar has not been tortured or put through anything rigorous. Never been thrown around, just has been played in the bedroom.

    I am including all of the original stuff that came with the guitar. All of the manuals and all of the warranty information that I have NOT used so they are free for your use once you acquire this guitar from me.

    I am also throwing in a free strap and little bottle rubber things that can emulate strap locks. All you do is put your strap on and then throw one of those on each strap end and it will definitely make the strap more stable then not having it.

    There is only one sign of damage on the guitar. I say this lightly since the "damage" is very minor and DOES NOT affect playability or anything else, just the aesthetic. It is on the headstock and it is the very last picture. It is also not deep at all.

    Other than that other wear is just scratches on the pickguard. Fret wear is very minimal and should not need any work on it for many years to come.

    $45 Shipping to ensure protection of the shipment and to allow for a faster route to your location!

    I hope I have provided all the info you need, and if you do happen to need more info, please feel free to DM and can provide anything you need.

    Offers are open!

    Thanks for checking out my listing!

    Please feel free to check out my other listings on my shop! Thank you.




    Additional photos found on my reverb listing. You can also ask for more photos via PM

    Thanks for taking a look

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