Evolution Amber 40 with matching 2x12Diag Cab

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    Jan 13, 2011

    This time I had a chance to test a new Polish amp from Evolution - Amber 40.
    It's a solid state construction with 2 channels / 6 modes on each channel, with MIDI control and presets functionality. As you can see this is an evolution of Marshall amps :)

    For solid state 40 W it's really loud and I assure you that it's loud enough for live performance. I like the MIDI control function and the built-in reverb. AFAIK Amber 40 is dedicated for live performances, so you can play it at bedroom volumes, but you won't discover it's all potential.

    For more info checkout http://evolutionamps.com

    My Signal chain:
    - Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded with Burstbacker Pro pickups
    - Hesu White Connect
    - Evolution Amber 40
    - Evolution 212 Diag Cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30
    - Shure SM57
    - Roland UA-55
    - Garageband


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