EVH 5153 50w MIDI - Help!


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May 5, 2019
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I received a Harley Benton FXL8 loop switcher & MIDI controller in the mail today and I've been trying to operate the amp channels and effects loop switching via MIDI and I need help.

It says in the EVH manual that you need to press both channel buttons until they start flashing (which I've done), and then it says to select the amp channel you want to switch to (in this case channel 1) and then send any desired program change message from the MIDI controller to the amp. I have done this successfully and indeed the amp channel does change to the one I've selected when I leave from MIDI learning mode.

Question: How do I send a different program change messages so that I can map them to amp channels 2 and 3?

I have carefully read the manual for the Harley Benton and changed the program change message to a different one for another preset. For this preset I want the amp channel to change to channel 2. So I go into MIDI learning mode on the amp, select channel 2, press the footswitch for the preset on the Harley Benton and quit out of MIDI learning mode on the amp.

But the problem now is that the amp has forgotten that I want preset 1 on the Harley Benton to be channel 1 on the amp. When I select preset 1, the channel still stays on channel 2.

Question: What have I done wrong? Why has the amp forgotten what it originally learned?

I also have another problem. I want to toggle the effects loop on the amp so that it stays on ALL THE TIME via. the MIDI controller. I have read both manuals carefully and programmed the CC message #85 to a value of 128. This should turn the effects loop on when I select the preset I programmed the CC message to. But when I select the preset, nothing happens. Nada.

Question? What have I done wrong? Why doesn't the effects loop turn on?

Many thanks.