Esp 407 ec vs Ibanez rgixl7

Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by Migueli, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. Migueli

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    Oct 27, 2021
    Hello, sorry for my English, I am French.
    I want to buy a 7 strings guitar and need advice for these 2 models.
    ESP Ltd ec407 ec
    Ibanez rgixl7
    I play mostly at home on a vetta 2 line 6.
    I want a 7 strings for more low power chords, and also more versatility.
    But I also shredd a lot.
    So which one to chose?
    I use to play on 6 strings Jackson with
    Seymour duncan JB and jazz.
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  2. MaxAidingAres

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    Jun 30, 2012
    Reseda, CA
    How low you trying to tune?

    the ec 407 is 25.5 so its gonna be slinkier

    the rgixl is 27” which is tighter, not that much tighter but will be wider like youll have more room to play. Wont feel as cramped as a 25.5.

    if you are tuning to Gb or less then 27”
    If not then go with the 25.5
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  3. nickgray

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    Dec 29, 2008
    They're massively different guitars.

    EC 407 has an LP body, which is less ergonomic than a strat body, upper fret access won't be as good as on the Ibanez, TOM bridge sits higher than Hipshot-like flat fixed bridges and will feel different if you've never played one. TOM spacing is also narrower. The scale is 25.5", and the neck will almost certainly be a bit thicker and rounder than an Ibby neck.

    RGIXL7 is a conventional superstrat, the AANJ neck heel provides extremely good access to upper frets, Ibby necks are on the thinner and flatter side. The scale is the biggest difference aside from ergonomics, it's 27". Do you actually need a 27"? Because it will be harder to play. Unless you're not planning to tune really low (let's say lower than A), there's little sense to go above 25.5".

    My advice would be to go to a shop and to play a lot of different guitars, because your choice of those two instruments doesn't make a great deal of sense.
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  4. SubsonicDoom99

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    Sep 13, 2019
    All of the responses have been right on the money, totally agreed. I've played both of these guitars before and they're both good but like already mentioned, they feel very different and will produce different results. Just speaking from my own experience with them:

    The EC407 is an easier guitar to play shred-type leads on due to the shorter scale, and while the neck isn't as accessible to the higher frets like the Ibanez has, I found the EC407 to just be a bit smoother to play. Again that's likely due to the longer scale length on the Ibanez, which worked really well for tuning lower and nice string tension but I just found to be a bit tougher for soloing, unless you're used to playing a longer scale guitar in that context. The Ibanez neck is definitely thinner and might be more preferable to some but for me I actually like the feel of the slightly more rounded neck shape on the EC407. Ultimately you'll have to try and play them (or something similar to them) yourself and see what feels most comfortable. Tone-wise, I think the Fusion pickups in the Ibanez might be more closely to your taste than the ESPs in the EC407 if you're used to playing Duncan JB/Jazz. The EC407 I had played had the EMGs replaced with SD Blackouts, which I thought sounded great, so I can't really comment on my experience with the EMGs in that particular guitar.

    Overall my thought is this: unless you're used to playing longer scale guitars and unless you want to really tune super-low, you might find yourself being more comfortable and compatable with the EC407.
  5. yan12

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    Mar 16, 2009
    All good info for you in the posts above. I will add my 2 cents which is that for the longest time, I played 25.5" scale Ibanez 7 strings. I still think if you want a trem guitar in that scale length, Ibanez is the way to go.
    I am now liking the 26.5" scale for various reasons, and I pretty much only play hardtails these days...or TOM setups. I think the tone is better and I like the ability to mess with tunings or just drop a string without a 15 minute balancing act to set up a floating bridge. I have owned 3 different 27" inch scale 7 strings from 3 different brands and I did not bond with any of them, but that was just me. The tone was certainly there.

    I now play a custom shop ESP in the eclipse shape for my 7 string and love it. I like the fact it is different looking as most 7 or 8's are almost always a strat/tele shape or something more futuristic. I like the classic look and it trips people out when they realize it is a 7. Mine is a bolt on neck which I prefer, but it is set up just like a LP style guitar except it has a TOM bridge and is a string through vs. having a tailpiece.

    Pickups are a whole different matter. That comes down to what you are looking for in tone and versatility first, followed by factors such as wood, bridge type, and amp set up. To my ears most pickups sound very different if they are in mahogany vs. alder vs basswood...same with ash.

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