Ernie Ball MM JP12 7

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Apr 9, 2008
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Los Angeles, California

Now that i got that over with lol I have for sale my MMJP12 7, just looking to down size my collection to acquire another jackson :) haha so not really down sizing :)

Music man jp12 7 has 2 dings on it one is not noticeable which is on the back of the neck and is very tiny and the other is kinda noticeable in certain light (it can probably be buffed out so you dont see it ) it doesnt affect the way the guitar plays or feels but still sounds and plays like a beast! The bareknuckle aftermaths make this thing a super tight metal guitar! Dont want to let this go but i feel it can deserve a better owner since i dont really play 7 string anymore Im pricing it fairly according to how i feel about the dings. On the back of the guitar it has small scuffs that are superficial no paint chips or anything like that, What sucks is that i think it was done when i took it to guitar center for a setup and the tech denied that he had done it :l please stay away from that place !it is in great shape other than the few things mentioned never been gigged or played outside.

Will include all original paperwork and case along
Bareknuckle Aftermaths and tremolno
Los angeles california

No unless you want to pay shipping and deal with the customs
iTrader and rhoadkiller12 ebay

$2100 via PP Gift Shipped

Also PLEASE note that I did not take pictures of the ding on neck because it was impossible to get a picture of it, its very very small just thought id point out that it's there because that's what good guys do lol

These pics were before bareknuckles and the ding on the front

Here is the mentioned scuff on the back

Here it is with the bareknuckles (also notice the front ding isnt very noticeable)

Here is the small ding its the more noticeable part, the other line is a tiny scratch that can more than likely be removed with a polish



The circled red part is the ding the other part is the small scratch