EPIC Minor 2-5-1s workout

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    Here's an epic jazz workout for ya'll!!

    - a 30 minute medium swing jazz practice backing track for improvising on minor 2-5-1 progressions in ALL 12 keys! The progressions move up in semitones and the track has no comping - leaving you lots of space to improvise/solo/comp as you wish :)

    More minor 2-5-1 tracks HERE

    Chord progression:

    II: Bm7b5 I E7 I Am I Am :II


    II: Cm7b5 I F7 I Bbm I Bbm :II

    And so forth....

    (see the video for each progression as the track goes on)

    Scale suggestions:

    (For the first 2-5-1 in A minor)

    A minor scale - A B C D E F G (A)

    (Bmin7b5 chords and Amin7 chords)

    A harmonic minor scale - A B C D E F G# (A)

    (E7 chords)

    Basic arpeggios:

    Bmin7b5 arpeggio = B D F A

    E7 arpeggio = E G# B D

    Am7 arpeggio = A C E G

    Next up, try out some more advanced colours on the dominant chord (E7) by treating it as an altered chord and using the altered scale:

    E altered scale - E F G Ab Bb C D (E)

    The altered scale is the mode which starts on the 7th step of the melodic minor scale, so in other words - the notes of E altered scale are the same as those of the F melodic minor scale :)

    ....and then repeat in all 12 keys for a proper jazz workout!

    Here's a minor 2-5-1 lick you can try out

    And here's lots more free 2-5-1 jam tracks

    Enjoy :shred:

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