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Discussion in 'Live Performance & Stage Sound' started by LostTheTone, Aug 9, 2021.

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    I have joined a fairly well established local band as their new singer, and (assuming they keep me around) I'll be in the market for wireless monitors and a wireless mic system once we start gigging.

    Thing is I don't know much about wireless gear.

    I can spend some cash here, but not infinite amounts, and really I'm looking for good value for money.

    My immediate thought is that I want something with an SM58, and that leaves me with a either a BLX24 or SLXD24. Of course, the more I spend here, the less I have for monitors.

    For monitors I don't really mind; I already have the actual IEM part and I don't care what wireless system as long as it works alright. I would go for a Shure set there, to match up, but it would be really pushing the budget even to get the cheapest Shure system for both. The more entry level, non big brand wireless monitor systems look alright, but there's several around the same price and seemingly not a lot to choose between them.

    Total budget is ideally less than about £700 for both; I can push a bit if that is genuinely necessary but only if it's necessary.

    Random extra concerns - Rack mountable systems are strongly preferred, and I am in the UK where there are weird licensing things that I don't fully understand.

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