Engl E530 vs Mercuriall U530 Tone Test


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Mar 12, 2016
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Birmingham, AL
Agreed. I have Spark, and really like the AFD for Marshall metal tones. The built in gate and FX are nice too.

Dude from Mercuriall posted in a thread last week saying they're working on something new, Mesa/5150 would be fantastic based on the quality of this one. Here's hoping!

Ohhhh yeah, and I think they subtly let us know what it's going to be when they released that Greed Smasher plugin based off of the Mesa OD pedal. If it's like a Mesa version of Spark, I'll end up buying that one the day it comes out. Hell, I'd even pre-order it if they gave the option. I haven't been excited about VST amp releases since... well... ever.