Emotional connection to your music?

Discussion in 'General Music Discussion' started by RevDrucifer, Jul 19, 2021.

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    I thoroughly agree with this as well. I can see how my OP would point other ways, but the tortured artist thing is certainly toxic.

    Hell, I can’t wait to get back to writing heavy songs just because the energy of the riffs/drums gets me excited. My attraction to metal has always been the energy behind it, not so much the message. I don’t even pay attention to most lyrics.

    Or maybe it’s because I’ve been the ‘tortured artist’ guy for so long without actually being able to get that torture out through music and it’s just now happening it caught my attention. I dunno, my brain’s a bit fried right now.

    99% of the music I’ve written has been when I’m in a great mood. I’ve never picked up my guitar when I was in a shit mood and everything I’ve written lyrically has always been past tense because I thought it would be more productive to write about the resolution rather than the problem.

    What I’m finding now is that there’s so much going on inside me that no amount of therapy or discussing it is allowing it all to come out, so the second I get an instrument in my hands, it’s like right fuckin’ there waiting to spew itself out.

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