EMGs Too Hot. Any suggestions On How To Tame Them?

Carl Kolchak

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Jun 30, 2012
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Not saying any of you are making this mistake but I occasionally get an annoying sort of "ring" when palm muting, spend quite a while trying to dial it out on my amp and eventually realise it's because of the position of my muting hand.

You'd think I would only make this mistake once, but here we are...

I get it regardless of whether I'm palm-muting or not. If you use too much gain the pup gives off this exaggerated, and extremely annoying, snarly/twangy overtone that basically forces you into one tone option in order to minimize it, which, in turn, sort of negates the volume and tone pots as further tone sculpting options.

I've found that boosting at 400 and 1.5K offsets the worst of it, whereas boosting at 3K seems to aggravate things a bit more.

I'm wondering now if Seymour Duncans actives react similarly?

I spoke too soon. @2:45 on this vid demoing the AHB-2 Blackouts you can hear that snarl/twang thing going on. Except I get it worse, as I'm using strings that are probably double the gauge this guy's using.