Electronics Issue With Gibson Les Paul Axcess

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    For whatever reason, my bridge pickup having this issue of cutting out either on its own, whenever I use the push-pull function on my bridge tone knob, or whenever I roll up/down the volume knob for the bridge pickup.

    I've been having this problem on and off for about a year and I took my Gibson Les Paul Axcess, which has this issue, to Guitar Center. According to Guitar Center, the issue was the pickup selector, which I believe is part of why the pickup is cutting out. I did get the original pickup selector swapped out, but I feel like there's more to it. I should probably also note that when I bought the guitar, the previous owner said he'd reinstalled the pickups which are currently a BurstBucker 1 (neck) and a Burstbucker 2 (bridge).

    When the BB2 isn't cutting out, I get a pretty beefy tone out of it, so I'm a little skeptical about switching the pickups out, but I feel like that it's gonna have to be an option because I've come to the conclusion that the pickup selector and pots are not the issue.

    Since I don't really know how to solder and I'm also deathly afraid of screwing up such a nice guitar, what is really the best course of action?

    This thread probably isn't in the right subforum, so if mods need to move it, go ahead.
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    Just replace all the guts. It's probably one of the pots, but it's cheap enough to just get the whole thing done so you know it's all good.

    Pickups being the problem in a case like this is stupid rare. It happens, but I wouldn't consider replacement unless you swap out the guts.
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