Do I have any business savvy musicians here?

Discussion in 'General Music Discussion' started by metallidude3, Jul 16, 2018.

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    Come on guys, it is legally registered stuff that has legal value and period. It's not that anything can act as copyright, not even if you want it bad enough. A copyight does act as a copyright and that's it, we don't live in magic land. Otherwise I'd be dead rich if my grandma accidentally knitted a pullover with "Guns and Roses" written over in the late 80s. Duh :shrug:
    Any dispatched "proof" without legal value is ultimately your word against someone else's word, just like in any unregulated and unsettled case of possibly any dispute in life. A self-proclaimed weapon for the ignorant and a laughable total waste of time for the savvy.

    This is just small drama, but it still proves the old adage that no one should underestimate the business in the music business, once he plans things to get anywhere near serious. Ignorance is deadlier than the sword, and mind the "business" part starts right where the "music" part ends. Discuss and define your contributions with band members (creatively and above all financially), draw your lines, have definite roles and responsibilies, write everything down (especially agreements, in the most official way possible), have concrete goals (and failsafes), so on. It's itchy enough just to live healthily as a band, good luck getting into the market and how the business works.

    If the guys know a thing or two about the music biz, good for them. Who's to say they didn't just release the stuff online without any kind of licence and naively "wrote credits" for it? Not impossible, hey. If they managed to get under a PRO of any kind and distribute their music with a grain of salt, good for them. But even at this point, it's still complicated, so they better know what they're doing if they know anything at all.

    And even pictured that optimistic (for them) scenario, to expect them to "get well off" over death metal? Generally, but above all nowadays? Really, get your perspective straight guys. We're talking about non-commercially viable hobby-level stuff made by a bunch of random guys, on a random forum, with probably 0 management, marketing, distribution and sales leverage. Take a beer sip and move on.

    Anyway, as discusses already, short-term oriented a**holes don't go much far in anything.

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