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    So I bought a new amp (50w 5150 III EL34) and my discreet pedal board will move to it. I plan to keep my old amp. (Kruse Modded LBX I). I have a DigiTech GSP1101 that I have powered up once that would be perfect for 4ch with my LBX.

    Should I drop $300 for the Control 2 foot controller?
    Drop $400 for another used GSP1101 and a Control 2 foot controller?
    Sell the GSP1011 and buy something newer/better with an integrated foot controller (i.e. Mooer GE200, Firehawk, MS-3, etc.)?

    Keeping and using the GSP1101 would be a no brainer if it wasn't for the cost of the foot controller.
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    Look for a used Ground Control or get and mod an FCB 1010. That way you can use it with whatever down the line. And if you add other rack fx you can stop box those too. I have the Control 2. You can set the control switch to do different things, globally. Actually same thing with the other top switches. But don't pay full price for one if you can get away with it.
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