Detroit, MI; Metal Band seeks Bassist & Frontman

Discussion in 'Musician Classifieds' started by bostjan, Mar 28, 2006.

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    My band is looking for a Bass player and an energetic Frontman.

    Vocals are a big plus, especially along the lines of Bruce Dickenson, Rob Halford, Warrel Dane, Tim Aymar, Russell Allen, James LaBrie, etc. (rough idea)

    Bass player ought to play tuned down comfortably. One of our songs goes down to low G. We use lots of odd times and ethnic scales. I would hope you know where the notes are so that we can communicate easily. Knowledge of advanced harmony is not at all needed, but would be handy in the future.

    We have a demo with about eight songs. Our influences are spread. Think a little progressive, a little power metal, a little death metal, and a little classic rock, with a little punk as well.

    We have practice space in Shelby Twp. and are looking for gigs on the east side, Macomb county, and Hamtramick. (One show ready to be played if we get the personnel)

    The demo was recorded with guitars, keyboards, drums, and bass. I have sang the vocal parts on two tracks. I am not a singer. :(

    PM if you are a member, or email me at to arrange a phone call or a meeting. :)

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