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    Hello, we are a band located in Brighton (north Denver, like 160th & hwy 85) and we are currently looking for a bassist. We're all between the ages of 22-25

    Before getting to requirements of joining I would like to talk about the band in its current state and what we're really trying to achieve.

    Our project currently consists of 3 guitarists and a keyboard player. We have someone writing drums for us and they will be playing shows when the time comes. A bassist is our most urgent goal, and we would like to have a vocalist as soon as we can get one too..

    We are currently in the very early stages of writing an album (or two depending on how many songs we end up keeping) and the sooner we can get these members into the mix the better. We don't particularly want to write someone else's parts because we want to leave them creative freedom, but as of right now we have been writing some parts to help us picture the song more completely..

    The genre of music we play is fairly inconsistent from song to song. We all listen to quite a lot of progressive metal so that definitely affects how we go about writing, but we have been working on slower spacier jams lately. You can listen to some stuff here..

    In this playlist you will hear 2 songs that we jammed on in real time and are still fairly undeveloped (and sloppy, but just ignore that we were pretty drunk at this point). The other two are songs that we have begun to structure and write down into Guitar Pro 6. None of these are complete, but I think that these 4 give you a pretty good idea of what we're doing. Soft echoey, mathy, technical, proggy, slow and synthy. We don't want to tag ourselves to any one genre and we welcome all ideas. In this project the sky is the limit.

    Our goals aren't exactly defined.. We want to be a "real" band, but we're not making it a goal to get signed. If an opportunity arose where there was an offer on the table we would most certainly consider it, but at this day in age if we wanted to pursue something like that we would probably do it independently.

    We for sure like the social aspect of jamming every weekend, writing, making music, and just having fun and that is pretty much where we are right now.

    We want to write/record an album(s) and release it under a new project name. We for sure want to follow each album we release with shows or a small independently funded tour.

    We want to make things like play through videos, artsy music videos, vlogs, etc and just have a cool internet presence.

    So finally getting into the "requirements".. we want to find like minded individuals who want to have fun for a few years and be a part of this band and family.

    What we are looking for in a bassist:
    1. Someone who can be present to jam/write weekly, in Brighton.
    2. Someone who can play at an intermediate level, with good timing (writing your own parts is not necessarily required, but preferred, and if you can't you need to be okay with us writing for you).
    3. Be practiced (once things are written) and able to record your own parts, while paying attention to detail.
    4. Have your own equipment, at least a bass and a cable (we DI into my computer right now anyway so..) No amp is okay, but intend to have an amp in the next yearish.
    5. Be open and respectful to each other's ideas. If you don't see what you're looking for within the first few practices or months, do not feel obligated to stay.

    What we are looking for in a vocalist:
    1. Someone who is able to be present weekly.
    2. Able to write vocal melodies, and guide the others if/when you have ideas that could potentially change the instrumentation.
    3. Be willing to work with the other members on their vocal ideas too when appropriate
    4. Be a team member, and not try to run the show or be a star.. we want a strong front man, but be humble.

    If you are interested or have any questions, you can reply to me wherever you saw this ad or by sending me a private message here:

    If you know anyone who may be interested, pass the message along!
    Thanks friends

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