Deep Drains - Res Non Verba (Unruly Instrumental Death Metal)

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    Just listen.

    Where do these impulses derive from?
    Sheer enjoyment, one may suppose.

    and repeat.

    I crafted this death metal adventure to try to capture what I love about music: intensity, complexity, uniquity. It is not perfect; the production may leave some nonplussed and certainly nothing is perfect. It is, however, mine. Fundamentally.

    I wanted to capture the ferocity and exploration of death metal in a purely instrumental setting. In the words of Sigur Ros, it is an alright start. 78 minutes across 4 swirling, whirling, gurgling, gnashing, snarling tracks. Surely, the future will bring improvements. Alas, we reside in the present (or, perhaps, most excellently).

    Written and recorded over the first half of 2014. My friend, the indomitable, the indisputable, the incredible Shane Lentz played bass on the album, a performance which still intrigues and befuddles me. (If you haven't seen Shane on YouTube, you are missing out on some excellent bass performances!)

    Guitar: ESP LTD H-1000
    Amp: VHT Pittbull (100W)

    I implore you to listen; I take great joy from sharing my music with everyone I can. There are also other albums, of varying genre, on the Deep Drains page if one has the interest.

    Thanks for reading and listening everyone.
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