D'addario Nickel Bronze Strings?

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    Hey all, was just wondering if anyone on the forum has had any experience with the D'addario Nickel Bronze Strings? I have been using the D'addario EXP's (coated) for awhile and was looking to experiment a bit with strings, looking for something a little brighter now that I am using a thicker pick and thus losing clarity on my low strings in comparison to the very light picks I was using previously.

    These strings weren't on my radar until I saw this video:

    The marketing for these strings claims that it 'brings out the natural tone of your acoustic guitar,' which definitely sounds intriguing. I definitely notice a lot more brightness and clarity in the video comparisons I've seen, in addition to a reduction in low end. Was just wondering if anyone here had any experience with these strings before I delve into them sometime in the future.

    Being in Canada the price differential between D'addario string set types is different than in the USA, and it seems like these D'addario NB strings are actually cheaper here relative to their coated strings, etc. (somehow). Based on price alone, it seems as though the NB strings are worth the try considering they are only a few more dollars than the standard PB set. Here is a quick price gauge:

    -D'addario Phosphor Bronze $8.70 (CDN)
    -D'addario Phosphor Bronze EXP Coated $16.50 (CDN)
    -D'addario Nickel Bronze $11.25 (CDN)

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