Crunch Lab 7 In MIJ RG7421 clip

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    So I've had some time with the CL in the Ibanez and it has some good points and some no so great points in this guitar.

    Its hotter than the stock pups which is good for metal and comes across clear on the top 6 strings. It has a lot of spank and is very punchy which I like.

    One of the issues I'm having is that the pickup is bottomed out in the route and it's sits really close to the strings. The CL is a hot pickup and through the direct box the low B clips out the signal so it sounds distorted which muffles the tone. There's no way for me to lower the pup to get it further away from the low strings. It is also a little too crunchy in the high end for me. I already play a 5150 which has fizzy top end the pickup accentuates that and makes the top end a little sounding to crackly. I think in a guitar with much ability to adjust I'd like it better.

    Here's a clip of what it sounds like direct with the eleven free plug in and a low and high pass eq: 4.15.14.m4a

    I am currently having the stock Japanese pickups rewound with an A8 around 14k and since it's the stock hardware I'll be able to adjust the height and distance from the stings.

    A pic cuz you guys have never seen a black ibanez! :;):


    Ill post an update when I get the new pup installed with the same clip to see the difference.


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