Could I get a working wiring diagram for this guitar?

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Oct 15, 2012
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Irvine, CA
I want to make a disclaimer that I know nothing about wiring guitars. I plan to learn with a new guitar kit that I'm going to buy soon, but for now I am paying someone else to do it for me because it's an extremely complicated job.

Anyway. I tried to get my guitar set up with a luthier who is helping me. I installed my guitar with a 5-way pickup selector, a momentary kill switch, and two push/pull pots for volume and tone.

The luthier told me that it wouldn't work unless I was willing to forgo having a tone knob, as the two pickups would have to go to each pot separately. He told me to call Seymour Duncan for a wiring diagram, however it's Sunday and they're closed.

So, I came up with a new design for my guitar. For this one, I would install a new toggle switch into the body that splits both the neck and the bridge pickups. There would be no push/pull pots on the guitar anymore, as the coil splitting would be controlled by the switch instead.

I admit I'm a little frustrated - my new revised design should work and I don't understand why an experienced guitar tech like the one I'm talking to wouldn't be able to wire it up. It's literally just a standard HSH with a 5-way pickup selector. The only differences would be that the bridge and neck pickups would go through a toggle switch that splits them. And the overall signal would go through a momentary kill switch.

I drew a diagram of what I want each switch on my guitar to do. The first one (on top) was my original plan that I learned would not work. The second drawing is a revised design that I think could work, but my luthier/tech wants a wiring diagram for it.


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May 25, 2020
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I see nothing wrong with a separate push pull for coil splits and a 5 way. I'd say check the Dimarzio website or just look for diagrams you can combine. A push pull is just a 2 way toggle mounted on a pot, you'd pretty much just need to run the wires to split into the push pulls separately. The hot wires would be the ones that carry signal, not the wires to split. I personally think the guy is bullshitting you.

this old thread might help out too

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Oct 14, 2020
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Here's one I found with a quick Google:


It's from TGP forum, not sure if it's ok to share a link on here for another forum or not. Anyway, you can Google "Most useful HSH wiring options" and find it, it's the last post on the thread.
Dec 2, 2014
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Allow me to suggest a visit to web site and take a look into the 5B5-02 switch diagrams, you may find what you're looking for with one blade switch. Eventually, also look into the 5B5-01 switch...

These 2 blade switches are made for 3 pickup guitars and have several possibilities to get several different tones out of the guitar, some classic and some... alternative, all in phase if one follows the pickups' color codes...

My 4 main guitars all have these switches installed, 3 of them with the 5B5-01 and the 4th with the 3X3-05. I find them solid and recommend them a lot. I have no relation to the brand besides being a customer. For those who like to have something extra, these are a possibility.