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    Jeff Carman and the Cadillac Daddy's is officially on sale! After ten long months of trial, error, beer, and more error, it's ready to go.

    The website contains clips, a place to order and something other standard band type stuff. We just got the T Shirts yesterday and they're really nice. We had them printed on Hanes Beefy T's so rest assured the quality is tight. The CD's will be here tomorrow (thanks to overnight service for panic relief)!

    I meet Jeff in junior high and we've been jamming since. This album is a mixture of his influences and tastes and the talents of some very cool local cats we've known and loved for quite some time. I'd say it's bluesy and rock 'n rolly but I've heard early reviews as "Modern Blues" and "Classic Rock". I'll let you guys decide, go check out the clips.

    The whole CD was done in my home studio, although over the course of the recording that was at two different homes. You'll find a lot of amps and tones used on the record including a Line 6 Vetta, a Peavey Triple XXX, my Mesa Mk IV, and I'm sure there's a couple I'm forgetting.

    The album was recorded using a Fostex VF 16 which was later imported via ADAT lightpipe to my Carillon Pro Tools rig where it was mixed and mastered.

    Jeff (being the jack of all trades he is) played all the drums, did most of the lead vocals, played most of the rhythm guitars, 9 out of the 12 songs he's playing bass, and even tried his hand at some lead guitar.

    I played a few bits here and there on rhythm guitar (mostly when it was easier for the producer in me to show him instead of tell him what I thought was needed) and I did some solos and leadwork.

    There are two guest vocalists which are really cool ladies to work with who can belt it out. I highly suggest checking out the track "Can't Get Close To You" for some old school belting.

    Our old buddy Graddy Darrow play all the harmonica (blues harp if will) the whole time while battling Cancer. In fact, it was his benefit CD that got this whole ball rolling.

    Bass on three tracks was contributed by Jamie Werner my friend and co prog conspirator. Look to see him playing on my upcoming prog stuff.

    A cool local guitar player named Scott Arnson did a few solos too. Jeff's known him for years and we've both been in his cover band before.

    So, I'll quit babbling and let you check it out!


    If you place an order for a T Shirt or CD or both please send me a PM with your name, address, and what you ordered. I've got the okay from the boss to pull all the guy's orders out before the release. That way you guys can have yours super quick out of the first batch.

    Thanks to Chris, the mods and all my brothers here for making me feel so welcome and making my online home away from home! Now where's the gay Smilie?

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    Apr 2, 2005
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    Nice. I'll take one. :hbang:
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