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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by CheeseCvltShred, Jan 26, 2017.

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    ^this is my self recorded music.

    I'm into many kinds of metal. Mostly prog(the contortionist), deathcore(Humanity's Last Breath{i guess thats deathcore..}, technical death metal(the faceless/the zenith passage), metalcore(Singularity era Northlane, Killswitch) and a million others. But that's just the basic .... that popped into my head. Also Meshuggah. (duh, can't forget them)

    I'm a live sound engineer living in Toledo Ohio, I also record bands when I get the chance. (Morkast, 30Sun, Colourize, Blood of the Prophets etc.) Interested in pizza, axe fx, drum programming, and guitars.

    I've been playing guitar since 13ish. I'm 26 now.. so 13 yearish. Drums I have been playing since 7 years old. But I haven't been serious since I played in Vanquish the Populace (music posted on the above bandcamp)

    Looking for a serious band, with serious motives. I've geared my entire life to playing music and touring and recording. It would be a shame if I missed the opportunity to do such a thing. So hit me up if you're in need of a guitarist.
    I have Strandberg* Boden os8, rg8 (modded for awesomeness nazgul sentient plus more) running through axe fx II and or an Axe fx Ultra as a back up.

    I have an entire bands worth of gear, (entire pearl export kit, mapex 14x8 snare, axis longboard, dm5 module, Warwick bass 6 string thumb broadneck, sansamp, (or axe fx) and a smaller PA for jamming.

    Did I mention I like pizza? I'm on Instagram at CheeseCvltShred Also on youtube as CheeseCvlt.

    Just trying to break into the scene and make some beautiful music.


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