Caparison Horus FX AM pickups

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by Zach214, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Aug 26, 2019
    I have a 2017 Caprison Horus FX AM which is ash and maple with a maple neck. It’s also only a 24.75 scale. I love the way the guitar plays, but I’ve been having some issues with getting the right sound. I want a huge fan of the PH-R bridge or SH27F neck so I swapped to a bare knuckle APIG and a Cobra. Those to me sound very dark and muddy, and don’t sound like they clean up all that well. Though they had more balls than before. Any suggestions? I still have the PHR but I’ve also been looking at the miracle man and black hawk. I have an Angeles with Emg 81/60 combo, so I’m trying to stay passive here. I want a nice heavy tone that sounds great with chugs and that is clear but not too bright with my bright tone woods. I’m looking to replace both the bridge and neck. I play through a kemper.
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    To be honest, I love how the APig behaves in a Horus, and I never found the pickup muddy in the slightest, but I do pick hard and that particular pickup is all about mids, so people with a lighter approach on the picking side may find that it lacks snap. The Cobra is super incisive when it comes to attack, though, so this may be more related to dialing in a different tone on the Kemper more than a pickup issue, as it's a vastly different beast compared to the Angelus.

    If you're into the whole EMG vibe, you can try a Ragnarok or ceramic blackhawk in the bridge position, since their tone is more similar than the midrange cannon the APig is in essence will ever be.

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