Bunks First Build.

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    Hi everyone,

    So after a break from my initial build and an evaluation of all of the problems I’ve had with that particular body I’ve decided to shelve the telecaster build for the minute. I feel like I really didn’t start the build well by using the body blank I already had, I feel like the inconsistencies that were brought into the build by modifying it for a seven string really affected the end product. I’m really happy with the neck and I’ll definitely keep that for the next build when I go back to attempting a tele 7.

    So! I’ve started a new build totally from scratch this time. I can probably already hear the groans (hehehe) but I’ve decided to make myself a B7-ish clone, I was in a band for about 10 years with the guy who had a genuine six string black machine and I just always loved the look and feel of that guitar plus there are a few forum members who have built them to very high Standards so a invaluable resource should I need it. I’ll never be able to afford an original so I thought I’d just build my own. I purchased a two piece Square Alder blank and two premade laminate neck blanks from someone called Jim Nurse (not sure if any members here know him?) the blanks feel really well made and with carbon rods strengthening I think either will do a great job. The guitar will only have a single bridge pick and single volume pot so I’ve ordered a bareknuckle juggernaut in rusted camo with Black pole pieces.

    Over the past three days I’ve glued body together, added the flame laminate, cut the whole thing out and routed the rear contour and binding channel. The top will be stained black and then oiled and the back of the guitar will be oiled too for simplicity.

    I have a birds eye maple fretboard and a Richlite black fretboard blank on the way. I’m not 100% sure which combination of neck and fretboard to use but either way it’ll be bound with a flame veneer on the headstock. The neck blanks are ash/wenge and salpelle/idigbo. What would you lot go for?

    Overall I’m already way happier with the quality of everything on this body and think that the simpler build will mean a much nicer finished piece. (If there’s any way to change the title of this thread to “Bunks Builds” could you let me know so I can keep every in one place?)

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