Bodyweight/calisthenics/aerobic excercises to stay healthy at home

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    Hope everything is ok and staying healthy.

    Been home for 8 days straight. Can anybody recommend Bodyweight/calisthenics/isometrics/aerobic excercises to stay healthy at home?

    Right i am doing the following. No weights..
    - Calf raises
    - Squats
    - Pushups
    - Dips on a chair
    - Superman
    - Situps
    - Plank (hold for 2 min)

    I do 15 reps of each excercises. One after the other.
    That's one circuit.
    total of 4 circuits
    i rest 30-40 sec between circuits

    What else can i do?Thank you
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    Jan 5, 2011
    Are you inside at home or do you have access to a garden?

    outside, burpees are amazing and work all of you. Add a push up or two in each exercise to really make it hurt;)

    A skipping rope if you can order one online is another great outside exercise without going anywhere.

    inside, shoulder tap. Hold a push up position and then holding your core tense use your opposite shoulder with a hand as slowly as possible, alternate. Also good are push-up walks do a push up, then move one hand and foot (same side) out to a wide position, do another push up. Then bring your other hands and feet together and do another push up, walking you sideways across the room.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger made a post on reddit with his at home workout. Search it up on google. Covers a good amount of exercises and includes images for each exercise.

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