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    Within a year I've become a fan of teles and partscasters and I have one (soon two) projects going on. I got a well playing neck and Dr. Parts body with ugly black spray on it for cheap which I wanted to experiment with. I sanded off the old black and used urethane-alcyd based furniture paint that can be thinned with water. I used the same stuff to to repaint my home doors two years ago. Initial idea was to use chalk paint for "relic" looks but couldn't find a spot-on color.

    First coat and light sanding is done, have some time on the weekend to do the second round. The paint itself is quite durable but I'm considering wipe-on poly or something. However, I'm not a fan of high gloss so the raw matte look with only the paint is ok too. I couldn't even sand the worst bumps to even so perfection is not the goal here. I have danish oil which I used to finish another brand new neck but don't know what would happen if tried to apply for the painted body.

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    You could try spraying a matte clearcoat on the top, but I think just about anything is going to make the relic look kind of weird. I'd just leave it relic'd.

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