Best way to set up a P.A.?

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    (sorry if this is the wrong section mods)

    Hey guys!

    So my band just bought ourselves some expensive ass PA and we need to know what the best was to set it up is. We already have it set it up now but I just want to educate ourselves a little further on how to get the best sound out of what we have.

    Gear list:

    Subs: Mackie SRM2850

    Mains: JBL SF-25 (i know not the best but they sound good atm)

    Amp: Carvin DCM2000L (using) and a Crown UltraTech 2020 (not using)

    Mixer: Mackie ProFx22v2

    Other Gear: DBX Drive rack PA+ and a DBX Quad Gate

    We are currently micing our drums, guitars, vox, we have a laptop to run sounds from, and our bass runs a line from his amp into the board.

    Thanks in advance!

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