Belated NBD: It's a Christmas miracle!

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    The TL;DR version is this:

    Found an ad online for a Warwick Rockbass for a fucking steal of a price ($250 in great condition, with case too), and the ad the dude wrote for it was apparently so tongue in cheek people didn't think it was actually for sale - they thought he was just bragging about it being good looking. Well, I tried to buy it, and apparently he didn't really want to sell it because when I asked if I could come try it out, and he went dead to the world and I haven't heard from him since. Times passes, and finally the weekend after Thanksgiving, I just went up the GC in the Tax Free Haven of NH, and just browsed whatever they had in stock. 5 strings were all garbage, flat necks, real wide both in general and string spacing, and the 4 strings were just a steaming heap of meh; between an Ibanez SR, a MusicMan, a Peavey, just nothing to look at.

    Then I saw this - an EDB600 - as I turned to leave and immediately tried it out and was floored - a bass that plays as smooth as my guitar, weights about as much as one, and was going for less than the Warwick was. I was shocked at my luck as it wasn't listed online, but I found out why when I bought it - it had just come in and was still in the process of clearing police holding, so essentially I bought it on layaway and had to price no one had actually stolen it. Luckily, no one had and I picked it up Sunday and spent all last night playing it. No callouses or blisters, but my index finger certainly doesn't feel great by any means, and boy do my hands feel smaller than they ever have before.

    The plan is to drop it, along with my guitar, down to B standard for my doom album, and then have a guitar/bass for standard tuning as well.


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