Be careful with Steiner Kraus Guitars. Also Mörk Verden who is Steiner Kraus? It's all confusing.

Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by KIMERA666, Jul 27, 2019.

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    Aug 21, 2019
    And there we have it. I didn't figure I was ever going to get the guitar I ordered. Sad to say you live and learn... Oh yeah... this fella is a douche nozzle extraordinaire.

    Fyrefest 2.0.
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    No shit. Watch the American Greed episode of that sociopath who did Fyrefest. It may be highly enlightening.
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    On that note, whatever happened to Roter - what's the story? I had a terrible experience with that guys back in 2009 I guess. Ordered a guitar, communication was amazing for a few weeks, then stopped and so did any progress on my guitar. He promised to consult me about every decision, but instead I was faced with silence and then suddenly got a finished MONSTROSITY. I got so pissed off I asked for a full refund, and to my surprise he complied, probably because at that time he was getting most of his customers on this forum, and I would have raised a feckin shit storm!!! Then I bought a Mayones and stopped following him. But recently I noticed he was banned on this forum?
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    This. I've got a CS Jackson with a cracked ebony board. You have to look REAL close to notice it, though. It had been switching hands because of dodgy sellers not disclosing them and buyers being freaked out after receiving it. So I told the latest seller that I knew the real condition of the guitar and he'd be better off accepting my offer than having problem with other buyers afterwards. He agreed and I got it dirt cheap so all good.

    Can't really remember, but I think it had something to do with calipers :lol:

    Your post is quite representative anyway. The guy fed with's wettest dreams: Affordable customs with exotic woods from an unnamed builder. Then the monstruosities began to arise.

    I'm guilty of bitting the bait with both, though. I luckily got away somewhat from both of them. Never again. There's only one guy I'd trust to make me a CS guitar which is the guy that does all the tech stuff on mine. And still, bad stuff could still happen since he's just him.

    That's why I only buy used customs now. Supper happy with them, without the potential problems that could arise if something goes south.
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