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Discussion in 'Musician Classifieds' started by A-Branger, Jun 27, 2015.

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    Hi, Im a bass player as title says. Getting bored at home and due to my age (31) and location (Sunshine Coast, Australia) dont have any bands to be playing with. Im looking to do some playing, get some collaborations, help others to get some bass on their tracks.

    Bit about me:

    I have been playing bass since I was 16. I was into the metallica/greenday/jamiroquai/redhotchillipeppers/etc. Later I discover Dream Theater and I got stuck in there for a looooong time

    heres me doing a cover of Constant Motion 6 years ago. (that was the song I was playing at the time) I should do more vids....

    Anyway, I have played in bands from pop/funk/rock, metal, prog, jazz, latin, etc

    This was my Prog band back in my country 8 years ago

    shame due to all of us situations we couldnt dedicate the time to follow our music. Have a listening to "the sacred travel".. think is our best song

    I also had a Dream Theater cover band. No vids or music as that was like 8-9 years ago when I didnt even had facebook, and didnt care about social media lol

    I know how to read scores and sheet music and tabs of course.

    I got my audio interface I can record straight clean into it, or use the output from my ampeg bass amp. Sorry no mics as I dont have any or acoustic room to do it either

    so if you need my services you re wellcome to send me some tabs. I use powertab editor. Or send the MIDI and I would open it using Sibelius. Im used to play Dream Theater, so dont be afraid to send me some cool riffs.

    ps. I also from a few years play guitar too, but nothing shredding (as much as I would love to), just cool riff, power chords and stuff.

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