Bare Knuckle pickups for Mayones Regius Core

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    Jul 25, 2020
    Hello everyone,

    I'm almost done with custom order spec for Mayones Regius guitar.
    But the pickup selection is the hardest and most painful thing I think.
    I want to go with Bare Knuckle pickups but don't know what to choose.
    The samples from Youtube are so confusing (perhaps due to the amps, guitar bodies, tone settings...)
    So I'd like to get help and advice from many experienced people here.

    Firstly, the guitar will be like this:
    Mayones Regius Core 6 (I apologize not going for 7 strings)
    Neck Through : 11-ply T.E.W. Maple - Maple - Wenge
    Fretboard : Ebony
    Body wood : T.E.W. Swamp Ash
    Top wood : T.E.W. Flamed Maple
    (FYI, T.E.W. means Tonally Enhanced Wood according to Mayones' website. I think what they mean is sort of 'roasted' wood.)

    Secondly, soundwise, what I'm after is thick, aggressive metal rhythm tone like Lamb of God and Children of Bodom. I'm not that kind of Djent style guitarist...
    These two songs below are good examples that I can think of.

    'New Colossal Hate' by Lamb of God in their latest album 'Lamb of God'

    'My Bodom (I am the Only One)' by Children of Bodom from the album 'I worship Chaos'

    When it comes to BKP, I think a lot of people here are enchanting 'Holy Divers' and 'Miracle Man' for their "not too modern but hard rocking metal with gut wrenching full of mid chunking awesomeness".
    But it seems they are just good for 'Mahogany' woods. 'cause I've found so many reviews with mahogany, but I hardly could find any review on HD with Swamp Ash body + maple neck, the same goes with Miracle Man.

    So, could you please advise and recommend me the right BKP for my maple neck through with Swamp ash body wing guitar?

    Thank you!
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    Any particular reason you are set on BKP? Sure, they make some great pickups, but there are plenty of options from Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan that can sound just a good, or better, for less $.

    I have a set of Holy Divers in my basswood 8 string. I like them, though I don't think they are the best match for an 8 string. I prefer a tighter sound for the low strings with faster attack. I like the D-Sonic in my 7 more for these reasons. The Holy Diver is a bit warmer/looser and does not have that super fast pick attack that I love in the D-Sonic. Both are fairly bright though.

    Swamp ash + maple top + maple neck tends to lead to a fairly bright sounding guitar, so you may want to try to avoid overly bright and tight pickups. If you are going for thick sounds, the Warpig comes to mind. Pegasus/Sentient may be a good match as well.
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  3. KnightBrolaire

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    Mar 19, 2015
    dimarzio dominions play nice in brighter guitars. Also they're mark morton's sig pickups so nailing the LOG tone is pretty easy.
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    My main guitar is a really bright-sounding Carvin with a Dominion in the bridge. I have the same pickup in a few other guitars too, but I like it best in brighter guitars. Super aggressive and thick, great for chugs and big chords, and not so hot that it can't be used for other styles. I haven't found a BKP that emulate that particular sound, though all of the models I've tried have been good in their own ways.

    What are you looking for in a neck pickup? Cleans, shredding, vintage voice, warm or bright overall, etc.
  5. teqnick

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    I've had success with the vintage - vintage hot offerings for the styles you mentioned. I found my Mule bridge to be tight, snarly, and extremely clean. Assuming you have a boost somewhere in your chain, it ends up being a versatile bridge that's often overlooked. It feels like a more focused, lower output a-bomb (which would be my next suggestion).

    The A-bomb sounds huge, very balanced. Single note palm mutes have more body than The Mule for sure, but not flubby. Very open sounding, nice even EQ.
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  6. Bogner

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    Aug 16, 2020
    I wish it was as easy as buying somebody's signature pickup when it comes to getting their tone but that is just delusional thinking at best. There are so many links in the tone chain and they all matter (some more than others). Without hearing your rig and how you personally play it is difficult to say for sure. Also, it is very important to know and clearly understand what your guitar does well and where it lacks naturally (acoustically or dry). It is very difficult to rearrange the attributes of a guitar in a dramatic fashion. For example...if the guitar has massive low end and very little top end a pickup is not going to reverse those two things. It can manipulate and help but it won't reverse (if they are major). Minor things can be manipulated (of course). This is where people make mistakes. Additionally, it isn't always about output.

    That said, I have had success (for me) in some of my brighter guitars by using BKP Black Dogs, Aftermaths, Juggernauts and Nailbombs. The Nailbomb was ceramic. Each had dynamics in the guitars used that brought more balance to the overall equation. Example...(The Juggernaut guitar benefitted from the balance and tightness of that pickup. The Aftermath guitar benefitted from the tightness and note articulation and speed of that pickup. The Black Dog guitar benefitted from the low mid and low end punch, clarity and balance of that pickup. The Nailbomb tamed some things end enhanced other thing while tightening up the entire frequency spectrum beautifully). I would venture to say in some situations if I switched pickups around in those same guitars I am not sure I would get the results I was looking for. I talked at length with Tim on these things and he was a tremendous help.

    If we can think in terms of dynamics and attributes rather than a sound I think that is helpful. If those pickups I suggested get you spot on then beautiful! If not, and they get you close, you can further manipulate via your volume and tone controls on your guitar, adjust your amp, switch up cables and cable length, change pick, pick thickness, pick material. We all have cables and picks laying around right? :)

    Those are all things that matter in the chain as well. Good luck in your search, I hope you get your desired outcome quickly and cost effectively. I am happy to further help if you need it. Simply ask and I will do my best.

    Sorry for the long explanation but I believe it is very helpful in the overall picture.
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    For Swamp Ash and Ebony, get a Nailbomb.
    Swamp Ash and Ebony can emphasise treble and low end. You want something that has plenty of mids, without being flubby on the low end or harsh on the top end. That’s more difficult to find than you think, because most high gain pickups emphasise a tight bottom end but also a cutting top end.

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