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Discussion in 'General Music Discussion' started by RHEX-7, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Hello fellas
    before i begin this is the setup my band uses.

    Computer with Mixcraft running stereo backing tracks and a click track into a 6i6. the 6i6 is ran to the drummers mixer and a 1/4" out for the backing tracks.

    my first question is how do i set up the axefx to change patches during songs so that we can play the song without having to buy the ungodly overpriced footswitch for the Axefx. We are just now getting used to playing along to click tracks so i feel its better to get things squared out now.

    i know its possible to manage this. ive seen it done before with a local band who switches to patches with delays and reverbs and lo-fi parts in there songs.

    open to any suggestions
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    DAW with a midi track that sends the program changes to the Axe FX
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    I do this with my current band, using Logic and running click, backing track, full band mix to our in ears (there is much more to the setup). Awhile ago I made a video on how to program changes to the axe fx (using the DAW, REAPER, but can be done with any DAW, not sure about mixcraft...).

    The signal chain looks like this:

    Laptop USB #1 > Scarlet 6i6 > etc
    Laptop USB #2 > Midi controller MIDI OUT> Axe FX MIDI IN

    I use this Midi controller:

    If you don't want to get the Fractal Audio pedal board, you can get get the Behringer FCB 1010

    as well as a replacement PROM chip (very easy to install, and it makes programming the pedal board A LOT easier)

    Feel free to PM me if you have any question how to do this!

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