Audiority Pedalboard Distortions Bundle - Vintage and heavy guitar tones!

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by alessandroarzilli, May 9, 2020.

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    Ciao everybody! I had the pleasure to test and review the Pedalboard: Distortions Bundle 1.1 by Audiority and it was an amazing experience! Four different analog modeled pedals for a vintage distortion guitar tone! Ever tried them?

    00:00 Quick intro test
    00:45 Some informations
    01:18 Signal and FX chain
    01:40 Big Goat (Electro-Harmonix Big Muff)
    08:21 Blue Face (Dunlop Fuzz Face)
    11:43 Distortion 1 (BOSS DS-1)
    14:04 Heavy Pedal (BOSS HM-2)
    17:26 My conclusions
    17:55 Self promotion time !!!

    This is not a sponsored video, I'm just a metalhead who likes making gear reviews!

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