Audio Assault Duality Bass Studio - My review

Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by alessandroarzilli, Dec 26, 2019.

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    Hey bass players of the community! I recently got a very old Ibanez SR800BK 4 strings bass guitar from a friend and started playing with it with some VSTs, I just tried the Duality bass Studio! Sounds awesome for metal, what do you think?

    00:00 Quick tone test
    01:00 User interface
    01:43 Signal and FX chain
    01:55 Test 1 (British Stack)
    03:15 Test 2 (American Stack)
    04:28 Test 3
    05:29 My conclusions

    I'm neither sponsored, nor endorsed by any company, I'm just a metalhead who likes making gear reviews!

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