ART X-15 Ultrafoot, MIDI controller.

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    I figured since I've got a new Ground Control Pro on the way, I'd see if I could pass this dust collector onto someone who could use and appreciate it:

    Description: What it is is what it is: An ART X-15 Ultrafoot, MIDI controller with two built-in expression treadles. Includes original power supply. Its pretty old, but in good condition (some scratches on the bottom, rust on the treadle nuts, slip tape worn a few places). For those who haven't seen/used one, its a pretty heavy affair, all steel, nice rubberized seals for the switches, smooth pedal control. Plus, it's got some serious '80s pink going on, so if you're in a scene band, I'm sure that's instant cred or somthin'... the brightness will keep you centered on-stage when you crabwalk, guaranteed. Look, they even make some Kayne shutter-shades that'll match (not included):


    Modifications: Use. :lol:

    Accessories: Original power supply. Manual is long gone, but I'm sure you can download it.

    Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

    Contact Info: Here on, I'm on daily, or

    References: Cadenhead, he's seen me drunk enough to require assistance ascending a flight of stairs. That, and he knows I won't fuck you over.

    Price: $120/OBO, and I'll get the shipping since the girl down at the UPS Store is hoooooottttt... and I need an excuse to go ogle her. :agreed:

    I mean, just look at this thing... precisely what any good Vinnie Vincent Invasion cover band needs to switch their racks 'o junk: :metal:



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