Architects Mixtests_Naysayer and Broken Cross

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Marv Attaxx, May 7, 2014.

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    Haven't mixed anything in months while I spent my time building a new studio. Found some awesome multitracks for some songs of my favourite band, Architects! So here we go. First mix since...February? Still have to get used to my new room treatment :lol:

    Gear used:
    - Drums: SP 2.0+ expansions, Slate Trigger 2
    - Bass: Trillian
    - Gits: Guitar Rig (first song I used guitar rig for the rhythm guitars haha)
    - Slate VCC and VBC
    - various Logic X stuff


    - same as above but guitars are EZMix 2 Metal Gods

    love my new setup!

    now with room treatment:



    Adam A7x and a Mac Pro 2014 incoming yaaaay


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