Anyway way to rid weird static/buzz from block letter 5150?

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by sunken0887, Feb 8, 2014.

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    i've been getting some weird static buzz from my 5150, and i know that its normal for the lead channel to have hiss when not playing, but this is a bit different

    when im just playing like standard it has this static buzz almost intertwined in the tone, when playing chords, palm muting them, doing lead stuff some guitars worse than other but its still always there

    i originally thought that i had bad electronics in a few of my guitars but played thru other amps my guitars sounded fine, i even had my guitar guy check it and he said a few things, he said my guitars are fine and that the block letter 5150s are known to be the nosiest of all 5150s b/c back when they started making them they didn't address the issues i'm presenting you with today, so the later models have things installed in them or tweaked to fix the static buzzyness is this true? always thought all 5150/6505s models were pretty much all made the same for the most part(not including 6505+/5150II and the combos i know they are a bit different)

    although in order to fix the problem my guy suggested i buy an ISP decimator, i have a BOSS noise suppressor but he said the ISP is much better

    but will this fix the problem? is there any other way to fix it, maybe new tubes? upgraded tubes? maybe it needs a retube? inexpensive mods? i can't stand that static buzz, i honestly might consider selling it to buy an ENGL blackmore head if i can't fix that static buzzy shit
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    I had something similar with a old sig model and it was a bad solder joint somewhere..have a tech take a look cost me about $40 to fix totally..if you want no noise isp
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    If your ns2 isn't doing it an isp won't either likely. They are both suppressors. I run an ISP but the ns2 will definitely clamp down on noise. I played a 5153 that had ridiculous static. Unfortunately it may be a board problem
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    You can plug your guitar directly into the effects return to see if it's a preamp or poweramp problem. Tube Amplifier Debugging Page

    My engl pre was totally dead, and my Mesa .50 cal had a really strange tone in both channels. Ii thought I'd have to pay a tech to look at my amps, and was debating getting new tubes as they are costly. I used this guide and the problem was the tubes both times.

    If your preamp tubes are more than six months old, and your poweramp tubes are more than a year or two old, it could easily be either depending on how much you play etc. If the tubes are more than a year or two old, you'd get quite an improvement in tone anyway

    A good thing to check is tap on them with a rubber eraser while playing. (Pre and power)
    Another good thing is to check if the noise is on both channels.
    Finally you can tighten down your power amp sockets (but make sure to drain teh caps first, just turn amp off while still on 'on' not standby mode connected to a speaker for 30 min)

    But the guide says it all

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