Anyone using STL plugins?

Deadpool_25 Regular
Jun 22, 2017
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Go download the new fas beta :lol:
There's no new beta for FM9! 😂

Sounds like a NDSP subscription would have saved you a lot of money!( and many others)
Yeah that's like 4 years of a $15 sub lol.

I believe the logic during the promotion of it was if you're planning on doing some recording, rather than pay full price for NDSP/Amplitube, etc... you can just subscribe to the Amphub for a month or two and then not have to renew when you're done (and don't plan on using it anymore). Kinda like renting a movie vs buying it outright.
I guess there's some logic to that but...nope. I hate it lol. Slate Digital does it too and I refuse to use their stuff because of it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

BurningRome Regular
Dec 29, 2015
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Currently doing the 10 day trial of the STL Control Hub (mixing/mastering plugins) and Tone Hub (guitar/bass plugins) and I'm really happy with it.

The trial is giving me all access to all the Control Hub and Tone Hub plugins which is awesome. I've been using it with some Logic sessions I had. Everything is DI for guitar and bass and mic'd drums. Really really happy with what I'm hearing.

Example, I have a Kurt Ballou bass plug-in and Lee Malia guitar plug-in, some tones used on one of the Bring Me The Horizon albums. With that I'm running a producer Mark Lewis, Machine and castle studio mixing chains and mastering chains and am really happy how easy it is to get really quality stuff. I'm a guy that struggles to get good mixes and loudness during mastering. This is just awesome for me.

Basically I interparete the control hub plug ins to be like a Kemper profile of a studio signal chain. There's literally hundreds of mixing/mastering options.

Is it worth the money? Right now it's 50% off so yeah, any other time of year, I'd be hesitant. I'm the same with Neural DSP. Like it but not for $100 or more.

zodiactone Regular
Aug 29, 2020
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I prefer my NDSP more, but I’m gonna get the STL Fortin Sigil plug-in….forgot the actual name they are using for it.